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Expanding our intellectual property is essential in order for us to successfully pursue our strategy and achieve our ambition.

Since 2010, LNC has secured a number of patents for its Stablor® product. Its formulation and clinical results are therefore protected, with exclusive rights applicable in 4 major pharmaceutical markets: the United States, Europe, South America and China.

We intend to build a strong IP position in the Christensenella space by filing our own IP (applications have been filed in EU and US), by licensing in available patents and patent applications from academics and by acquiring proprietary Christensenella strains.

In September 2018, we acquired an exclusive licence for the Christensenella patents from Cornell University (Ithaca, NY, USA) in order to pursue our development program.

Lastly, we are actively scouting at the international level for patent licensing opportunities, as well as new patents to acquire in order to continue expanding our intellectual property portfolio.

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