Right from the outset, LNC Therapeutics has been focused on the fundamental causes of illnesses

Improvements in the throughput and accuracy of DNA sequencing have vastly improved scientific community ability to understand the structure and function of the microbiome in both diseased and healthy states.

Thus the microbiome is implicated as an important causative factor in the onset of a diverse range of human diseases.

Why do we trust the microbiome?

The gut microbiome composition results from the interaction between our genes, our living environment and our diet. Hence it is “intimately” unique.

For the last ten years, numerous scientific studies have substantiated the key role of the microbiome in the physiopathology of several diseases.

Since our genome cannot be easily modified, the microbiome appears as a solution to modulate the influence of our genes.

Recent scientific progress in the microbiome field are paving the way towards important applications for innovative therapies. This will enable to address the fundamental causes of many modern diseases where treatment options are limited, in an efficacious and sustainable way.

LNC Therapeutics at a glance

Between 2010 and 2017, LNC focused exclusively on developing medical nutrition products. This work led to the development of Stablor®.

The demonstration of its clinical efficacy in visceral fat loss and cardiometabolic risk factors in obese patients with metabolic syndrome.

The trial also highlighted Stablor®’s role in modulating the gut microbiome, and more specifically its effect on a family of bacteria known for its anti-obesity potential, thus opening up an array of new opportunities for the company.

In 2018, based on this data, a new management team led by Georges Rawadi sparked a new strategic plan aiming to harness the potential of LNC science and focused on innovative gut microbiome-based drug discovery.

Our ambition is to become Europe’s leading biotech firm
in the development
of innovative gut-microbiome-based therapies

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